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Where do I find my Top Drives User ID?


You can locate your Top Drives User ID at the bottom of the options menu. You can access this via the cog in the top left corner of the Top Drives home screen; tapping the ID will copy it to your device’s clipboard.

When will I receive my purchases?


Your purchase should be available to you next time you relaunch Top Drives. If you do not see the purchase right away, please wait a few minutes and relaunch your game. If after that point you still do not see the purchase on your account, please contact Top Drives support via the 'Help and Support' button in the in-game options menu.

How do I make a purchase?


Sign in to your game account with your User ID. Select your chosen product and pay for it using your method of choice. You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

Can I see my purchase history?


For each purchase you make, you will receive an email receipt containing all the details of your purchase.

Can I request a refund?


As a general rule, refunds are not possible within Top Drives if the purchase was received as expected in-game; however, we can make an exception under certain specific circumstances.

If it has been less than 48 hours of the point of purchase, and the in-game currency from the purchase was never spent, we will be able to refund that for you - please contact Top Drives support directly for this purpose.

If the in-game currency was spent, if it is no longer within 48 hours of the point of purchase, or if the purchase involved randomised drops from a card pack, then no refund will be possible.

If there was an issue with the purchase (the goods were never received or you were charged multiple times for a single purchase), then please contact Top Drives support directly and we will resolve this for you as soon as possible.

In order to contact Top Drives support, please go to the in-game options menu (via the cog in the top left corner of the home screen), hit ‘Help & Support,’ and hit the speech bubble in the top right. To help us resolve your query as quickly as possible, when writing in to support please make sure to include a screenshot of your receipt for the purchase(s) in question (a single image for each purchase, showing the date, product name and order number) - notification from your source of funds (e.g. your bank, Paypal, etc) will not allow us to proceed.

Can I report a bug with the web store?


In order to report any bugs or problems you encounter on the Top Drives web store, please feel to contact Top Drives support in-game (via the in-game options menu and then ‘Help & Support’).

My payment keeps failing!


If you are encountering repeated issues at the point of purchase, please get in touch with Xsolla Support directly via